DETROIT, April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Legendary comedian, movie star, dancer and cannabis industry icon Tommy Chong has announced a partnership with MKX Products to produce a line of cannabis products exclusively on sale in Michigan stores.

The Pre-roll line will feature Tommy Chong and MKX- branded cannabis joints, flower, and other products. To introduce media to these items, and to the principals in the Michigan launch, Mr. Chong will be conducting a video press conference with media on May 5. The conference will be conducted via Zoom. Media will be provided with the link when they register in advance for the call (space is limited). Participants are allowed to record both audio and video from the conference for use in news reports and elsewhere. Mr Chong, MKX CEO Sam and others will be available to answer questions from media during the broadcast.

Tommy Chong is an international icon for the cannabis industry. MKX Brands is Michigan's leading cannabis product manufacturer. MKX products can be found in over 300 stores throughout Michigan. "This is going to be a lovely partnership," Tommy Chong said. "Michigan is an awesome state to be a stoner in."

Mr Chong, MKX CEO Sam, MKX COO Mike, and others will be available to answer questions from the media during the broadcast.


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