March 25, 2020 – District Health Department #10 reports the second confirmed positive case of COVID-19 in a Kalkaska County resident. DHD#10 is working quickly to investigate this case and to determine if others had close contact with this individual. Any individuals determined to have had close contact with the infected person will be contacted by DHD#10 for further instructions.  

At this time and because of the rapidly evolving nature of this pandemic, DHD#10 suggests that everyone should assume they may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 who may not have known they had it. You should follow CDC guidelines and monitor yourselves and your loved ones for symptoms. If symptoms do begin to appear, please contact your healthcare provider for further instructions.

Please continue to follow the Governor’s Executive Order to shelter in place in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Going forward, DHD#10 will only be notifying the media of the first two cases in each county of our ten-county jurisdiction. This is now the second case in Kalkaska County so we will no longer provide a press release for further cases in Kalkaska County.  Please check our website at for daily updates.