Roush Review: 'Van der Valk' Is a Dutch Treat of Edgy Mystery

Van der Valk on MASTERPIECE Sundays, September 13 – September 27, 2020 on PBS "Love in Amsterdam" Sunday, September 13, 2020; 9-11pm ET Is Piet’s favorite Vermeer painting the key to two senseless murders and a suspected kidnapping? Art, politics, and passion mix in a case that breaks in Piet’s new assistant, Cloovers, and also prompts discord with police chief Dahlman. Following up a lead, Piet’s sidekick, Lucienne, courts death. Meanwhile, a bitter political campaign counts down to a fateful election. Shown from left to right: Vineeta Rishi as Therese and Marc Warren as Van der Valk For editorial use only. © Company Pictures and all3media international