Sharing the love of Jesus

Rogers Market and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church: A special thank you. You have blessed Lake City and Missaukee County beyond words. During last year’s Christmas season, we were able to bless 12 veterans with turkeys, supplied by Rogers Market; potatoes, onions, and stuffing donated by the Ebels Family. This year for Thanksgiving, we were able to bless 15 veterans with the above food items.

My wife and I were blessed and honored to deliver the above foods. They were all very grateful for the donations. There were many hugs. My blood boils, when I think of 40,000 veterans (heroes) homeless, living on the street, many on drugs. Every day, 20 veterans are dying by suicide. They have no hope. We have flown thousands of illegal immigrants all over the country, many of whom are living in hotels. Something is wrong with this picture. God help our country.

A special thanks to Pastor Greg DuBois and Mike Klein, from the EPC Church, for supplying the names of the veterans involved. Again, special thanks to everyone who helped make this a special Thanksgiving.

God bless you all. Please pray for all our Veterans.

Read the follow suggested scriptures; 1 Corinthians 13:3, proverbs 14:21, 14:31 and 19:17.

God bless you all.

Dick McGarry