CADILLAC — Shouts and laughter could be heard coming from the Cadillac Area Public Schools' summer block party on Tuesday.

The party was behind Lincoln Elementary School on Ford Street and there were a variety of activities to do, both art and exercise-related.

Emily Pruden, 7, and Payton Wirsing, 4, both got rainbows painted on their faces and made chalk art. Emily made a green heart while Payton said she was drawing a bunny.

There were jump ropes there and an obstacle course kids could go through. Amelia Gines, 5, went through the course with the assistance of Lincoln Elementary Teacher Karen Hoekwater.

CAPS Superintendent Jennifer Brown said families were invited to join the event with their children to have lunch, enjoy games and select a book to take home.

Brown said it is critical to make sure all CAPS students have enriching experiences during the summer so they don’t slide backward academically, but they also want them to enjoy their summer months.

“We also miss (our students) and want to check in on them,‘ she said. 

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