FALMOUTH — It's not every day you see a dinosaur in Falmouth.

But there was one at the Missaukee Agricultural Youth Show on Tuesday, along with many, many different animals.

Whole families could be seen carrying a wide array of animals, ranging from chickens, dogs, cats, bunnies, goats, stuffed animals, a duck, even a leopard gecko.

This was for the pet parade that started at 5 p.m. and people and pets were strutting their stuff.

Some animals did tricks, like the cat Charlotte, owned by Olivia Gilde, 10. Olivia would tell her cat to sit and Charlotte would indeed sit.

“She’s pretty obedient,‘ Olivia said.

Olivia enjoys doing the pet parade and has done it for five years with Charlotte.

“She’s just a good cat and I can trust her,‘ she said.

Some animals just looked pretty cool, like Coal, owned by the Davidson family. He won "best dressed" at the parade.

And then of course there was the dinosaur, Brooklyn Winkle, 12, who could be seen roaming around the fair as a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Besides the parade, chores still had to be done. Piper McLeod, 10, could be seen shoveling out a sheep’s stall with Gwyneth VerBerkmoes, 12, before putting more sawdust in.

JD Bazuin, 11, was walking his steer around. He would walk the steer every night at the family’s farm, so when they were at the fair and the animal was tied up all day they wanted to give him some exercise, his dad James Bazuin said.

There were activities being done for a good cause too. Rylie Hoekwater, 6, could be seen making dog toys with Molly Mackey, a 4-H STEAM Corps Americorps member.

The two were braiding old T-shirts together to make into rope toys. Mackey said they were making the toys for dogs at the local shelter who don’t have a home so they can have a chew toy.

The Missaukee Agricultural Youth Show ran from July 26 to Aug. 2 this year and is put on every year by the fair board and 4-H.

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