4 new COVID-19 cases in local counties

There were four newly confirmed COVID-19 cases among the Cadillac News area\'s four counties Friday.

CADILLAC — There were four newly confirmed COVID-19 cases among the Cadillac News area's four counties Friday.

Wexford County had one new case, Missaukee County had two for the second day in a row, and Osceola County had one new case.

That continues a trend in recent days, where Wexford and/or Missaukee County have been home to most of the new cases in the four counties covered by the Cadillac News.

Wexford County has now had 108 confirmed COVID-19 cases since the pandemic arrived in Michigan, according to District Health Department No. 10’s dashboard. The Cadillac News reported 105 cases on Wednesday; however, the numbers have been fluctuating slightly in the past couple of days and have occasionally differed from the state’s numbers. That’s not uncommon, due to differences in the time of day the information is accessed and the verification process.

Missaukee County has 46 confirmed COVID-19 cases, two more since the previous day.

Osceola County went up by one case at 83 cases, while Lake County held steady at 31 cases, health department and state data showed.

In the District Health Department No. 10 region, which includes Lake, Missaukee, and Wexford counties, a total of 1,223 people had recovered from a total of 1,585 confirmed cases. That includes 28 people who recovered in both Lake and Missaukee counties and 71 in Wexford County.

In the six-county region of Central Michigan District Health Department, which includes Osceola County, there have been 1,023 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Of that, 420 have recovered including 62 in Osceola County.

Recovery data from DHD No. 10 and CMDHD was from Thursday.

Statewide, there were 929 newly confirmed cases on Friday, bringing Michigan’s COVID-19 pandemic total to 120,526. There have been 6,708 deaths, eight of which were identified on Friday. Of the 6,708 people who have died of COVID-19 in Michigan, four were in Wexford County, and one was in Missaukee County. 

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