GAYLORD — Two troopers from the Cadillac Post and five others from the Michigan State Police's seventh district were honored recently for looking "past the traffic stop." 

On Tuesday in an online ceremony, these seven troopers received the Cpl. Samuel A. Mapes Criminal Patrol and Investigation Award. The annual award honors the top 5% of troopers in each district for looking “past the traffic stop‘ to excel in proactive criminal patrol and criminal investigations closed by felony arrests.

Troopers who received the award in the seventh district included Vincent Schantz and Caleb Killingbeck from the Cadillac post, Heidi Killingbeck from the Alpena post, Justin Lidak and Trevor Baesch from the Gaylord post, David Duncan from the Houghton Lake post and Jacob Gillis of the Seventh District Hometown Security Team. 

Mapes was the seventh trooper to die in the line of duty and was awarded a Citation of Valor for his actions and integrity after he refused to take a bribe from rum runners and was killed.

The Mapes award is performance-based and determined by the following criteria:

• Patrol-generated felony arrests

• Investigative felony arrests

• Significant seizures of cash, property, or narcotics where the suspect would have been arrested for a felony but is turned over to another agency to further an investigation or for federal prosecution

• Felony investigations, when cleared through a prosecutor’s decision or death of the suspect. Work site commanders can recommend for consideration significant felony cases which would have normally resulted in an arrest but were cleared due to factors out of the officer’s control

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