CADILLAC — The JV girls' basketball game was halfway through the first quarter when the referee started having trouble.

Fred Bryant, Cadillac Area Public Schools Athletic Director, was by the scorer's table when the referee's partner started yelling.

"'Hey, we've got a problem,'" Bryant remembers the partner yelling.

The referee was starting to fall towards Gaylord's bench.

"Before he hit the floor, I was yelling at Brandon (Parcell)," Bryant told the Cadillac News. "As he was going, I was calling 911 and grabbing the AED from the hallway."

Parcell, an athletic trainer for CAPS, started using the AED on the referee as Bryant went to meet the ambulance.

Coaches from both teams, Gaylord and Cadillac, took their young athletes to locker rooms so they wouldn't see what was happening.

Law enforcement officers, attending their kids' games, offered assistance.

"It was very quiet in the gym," Bryant said. "When you've got just one or two people talking, and they're talking about compressions and then you can hear the AED talking, it's pretty eerie."

The referee received two shocks from the AED before being stabilized, Bryant said.

Bryant praised the ambulance's response time.

“The response time from our athletic trainer and our EMS service was unbelievable, good,‘ Bryant said.

Bryant said the athletic department had recently checked that AEDs were charged and properly equipped and that Bryant and Parcell had recently reviewed emergency action plans for all CAPS facilities.

"We were just fortunate that we were prepared for that," Bryant said. "Hopefully he makes a full recovery."

The Cadillac News is not naming the referee at this time. Bryant said law enforcement officers told him that the referee was conscious and talking during transport to Munson Medical Center in Traverse City.

The condition of the referee was not known as of press time.

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