REED CITY — Social media posts earlier in the week told parents to be vigilant as there was believed to be a failed kidnapping attempt in the LeRoy/Rose Lake area.

Osceola County Prosecutor Tony Badovinac said Friday that the incident is still under investigation, but it likely wasn't a kidnapping attempt. Instead, the target was a child's bike, according to Badovinac.

"He pushed a kid off a bike and took the bike. The bike was then returned," he said.

Badovinac said the person involved in the incident is described as a blonde-haired man who drives a black single cab Ford pickup. The theft occurred in broad daylight, according to Badovinac.

Badovinac said the bicycle of the minor child was returned the next day and a white van was used to return the bike.

Anyone seeing or knowing anything about this incident is advised to call 911 to report what they know. Images or descriptions of the vehicle and assailant would be helpful to the investigation, according to Badovinac. The police continue to investigate the matter. 

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