REED CITY — Osceola County Prosecutor Tony Badovinac said the Michigan Attorney General’s Office is still reviewing the case regarding a Marion man who was tased by police and died after he fell on a knife he was holding.

Badovinac said in late October he wanted the attorney general’s office to review the case to see if the Evart Police Department officers involved acted criminally. He said he could make the decision but wanted to ensure no “appearance of impropriety‘ could be argued. For that same reason, he said he didn’t want the case to be “farmed" out to another local prosecutor.

Last week, Badovinac said he heard from the attorney general’s office and was told they would review the case. On Friday, he said he texted the attorney general's office Thursday find out the status and was told: "they were working on it." No other information was given, Badovinac said. He planned to reach out to the attorney general's office again on Tuesday.

With the two officers who were involved in the incident on administrative leave since the Oct. 11 incident, Badovinac said last week he asked the attorney general’s office to expedite the process, if possible.

In an earlier press release from Michigan State Police, it stated two officers from the Evart Police Department responded to the village of Marion on Oct. 11 to assist the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office. The officers were responding to a report by a female of a domestic incident between her son, Calvin James Schwab, and her husband. The female caller said Schwab came to their home brandishing two large knives, according to the press release.

The Evart officers arrived on scene and made contact with Schwab who was on foot near the female caller’s home at the intersection of Broadway and 3rd streets in Marion, police said. The officers issued verbal commands and ordered Schwab to go to his knees, which he complied with, according to police.

When additional orders by officers to have the man place his hands on his head were not followed, police said the officers observed the man reach into his waistband to produce a large bladed weapon, which appeared to be either a large knife or small sword.

Police said one of the officers was positioned in front of Schwab while the second was positioned behind him. The officer in front of Schwab had a Taser drawn while the officer behind him had his firearm drawn. The officer behind Schwab transitioned to his Taser and deployed it into the 29-year-old’s back, police said.

This resulted in Schwab falling forward and onto the knife he had in his hand, according to police. The knife punctured his chest cavity and the Evart officers immediately called for an ambulance, police said. The officers also rendered first aid to Schwab, but he died on the scene as a result of the stab wound.

On Oct. 15, Sixth District Public Information Officer Spl/Lt. David Cope released information stating Evart Police Department responded to the incident because they were closer to the location than deputies from Osceola County Sheriff’s Office.

Officials from the city of Evart advised that per policy, the officers involved in this incident were placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation and review by the Osceola County Prosecutor’s Office. 

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