CADILLAC — Amid the fear, uncertainty and political turmoil that has characterized 2020 so far, special moments of human togetherness shine all the brighter.

One such moment occurred on Saturday, when Jay Leisentritt and Shelly Lowe got married on a pontoon boat docked on the Lake Mitchell shoreline behind Pilgrim Village Resort and Fishing Shop in Cadillac West.

Pilgrim Village owner Steve Knaisel said there have been a few weddings behind the shop over the years but this is the first one to take place on a pontoon boat.

Knaisel said Jay and Shelly have been visiting Cadillac for years and are constantly singing the praises of how beautiful the area is.

“They’re like ambassadors of our city,‘ Knaisel said.

Residents of Bay City, Jay said he has been traveling with Shelly to Cadillac every year since they started dating 13 years ago.

Shelly said she has been coming to Cadillac for the last 20 years, as this is where her stepfather grew up.

“This is my favorite place,‘ Shelly said. “You can’t beat this view.‘

While the idea of getting married in Cadillac was Shelly’s, having the ceremony on a pontoon boat was Jay’s idea, as was the exact time they tied the knot — 4:56 p.m.

“People were asking me, what time will the wedding be?‘ Jay said. “I would tell them, 4, 5 or 6, and they would say, ‘you have to choose one.’ So I chose them all.‘

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