MANTON — Family and friends of Brent Kadwell will be coming together this Sunday to help him in his battle against kidney cancer.

Kadwell was diagnosed with stage 2 kidney cancer following weeks of urinating blood and persistent pain.

Doctors administered a series of tests on Kadwell and he also saw a specialist at the University of Michigan, who diagnosed him with renal cancer and told the family it was more serious than initially believed.

“Through all of this our father — the only income in the home — continued to work through it not only with one job but two ... leaving his body as second in priority,‘ the family wrote in a letter explaining Kadwell’s condition and the upcoming benefit.

“This became too much and he eventually had to choose one job. This was a financial hit to the house but worth it for his health.‘

Without an income since the end of July, Kadwell has struggled to pay mounting medical, household and food bills; at this point, costs have accumulated to around $5,000.

“Yes, we all have money issues at some time in our lives but our father has always worked for his family and gave to others,‘ the family said.

On Sunday, Oct 13, the family is expecting more than 500 attendees at a benefit to raise money for Kadwell. There will be a chili dinner — both beef and chicken — salad, corn bread and desserts. There will also be activities for children as well as a silent auction.

Donations will go solely to Kadwell. Attendees are asked to wear orange to show their support.

The benefit will be held from 2 to 6 p.m. at the Manton VFW Hall at 603 State St. in Manton.

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