MCBAIN — Biewer Sawmill and McBain are moving forward with a business agreement to harvest an 80-acre timber parcel the city owns.

Mayor Joey Roberts said that the parcel is off the dirt section of Geers Road and runs behind Viking Energy. In the city’s master plan, the area is mapped for industrial use and the ultimate goal is to market it to an industry after the timber sale.

“It’s going to bring value to the city,‘ said Wes Windover, procurement manager for Biewer Forest Management.

Biewer Sawmill’s forestry company, Biewer Forest Management, will assist the city in setting up the timber sale by doing the following, according to an email from Windover:

• Provide a timber map of the parcel showing different timber types and areas to be harvested.

• Provide a timber cruise to estimate the volume by species and product (logs and pulpwood) to be harvested.

• Prepare a management summary of areas that should be harvested and areas that may not be ready or have special concerns such as a stream or extreme wet area.

• Prepare a bid packet to be sent to prospective bidders in the area with the harvest specifications and volume estimates, timing of harvest and all other standard contract language.

• Draft a contract between the city and logger stating all aspects of the timber sale including a performance bond and down payment, which is usually 20%.

• Oversee the harvest for the city to ensure that the contract is being met at all times during the harvesting process. When harvesting is done they will make sure that the site is left as the contract states for roads and landings.

Biewer Forest Management will receive 10% of the timber proceeds for its services.

Windover said Biewer Forest Management is working with the city and acting as an agent because that’s its expertise and the mayor reached out and asked if they could help.

Normally consultants would charge a 15-20% commission for this type of work, but Biewer Sawmill is giving the city a break because they have worked well together, Windover said.

“Biewers was very gracious in doing that for us,‘ Roberts said. “We have a great relationship so it’s a positive for Biewers and for the city.‘

Roberts is the chair on the economic development committee which will oversee this project. There’s not a specific timeline as of yet “but we’re going to get rolling,‘ he said.

They will probably start doing stuff for the sale in the next couple weeks but it will probably be a month before anyone sees anything happen, Windover said.

The city has owned the property for a long period of time and they are looking to get somebody to develop it. It will be an income source for the city and it’s ready for some management work.

“It’s ready to be harvested,‘ he said.

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