Cadillac city manager gets ‘outstanding’ scores and 5% raise

Cadillac City Manager Marcus Peccia and Cadillac Mayor Carla Filkins at a ceremony in Lansing that recognized a recent project in the city.

CADILLAC — Cadillac City Manager Marcus Peccia has received “outstanding‘ scores and a raise from the city council.

At its meeting on Monday, all Cadillac City Council members present voted to increase his base salary 5% and add an additional $50 to his monthly car allowance. Cadillac City Councilman Stephen King was not present for the vote.

Peccia’s monthly car allowance jumped from $350 to $400 and his annual salary was brought up to $105,306. Last year, the majority of council voted to give Peccia a 3% raise which brought his base salary to $100,291.

Cadillac Mayor Carla Filkins and Mayor Pro-Tem Shari Spoelman recommended the raise to the council. They worked with the human resources manager and gathered information on city managers in cities like Cadillac, Filkins said.

They want to keep Cadillac competitive and keep Peccia in Cadillac, and the raise puts him in line with his peer group and with the previous manager, who also had an assistant.

“There have been so many significant achievements and still so much work to do and Marcus seems to be juggling all of those balls so effectively, professionally, and we really appreciate that,‘ Filkins said.

Spoelman said they learned there’s a high turnover rate for city managers and she could see other communities knocking on Peccia’s door to ask him to work for them.

In the past they’ve been worried about affording this raise but “we’re pretty convinced at this point we can‘ and they have a desire to keep him in the community, she said.

“I think you do a wonderful job,‘ council member Tiyi Schippers told Peccia. “And I firmly agree that we need to do whatever we can to make this both fiscally and climate-wise where you want to stay.‘

According to a council city manager evaluation, Peccia received exceeds/outstanding scores in budgeting, city council relations, intergovernmental relations and professional development.

The city council feels that Peccia advocates professionally and successfully for the city at the state level and is “jumping through hoops to get the job done.‘

In areas Peccia could improve on, the evaluation notes that as legal issues resolve, the hope is that he can continue to reach out to neighboring communities to heal the rifts that predate his tenure.

Peccia thanked the board after the vote and said he can’t iterate enough that without the council and community’s support a lot of the initiatives couldn’t go forward.

“I’m only as good as the people who surround me and as good as the community that surrounds me,‘ he said.

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