CADILLAC — Cadillac Fire Department Lt. Blake Meyering said a house fire on Tuesday in Cadillac “could’ve been a lot worse.‘

Calls for the fire on Maurer Street came over scanners around 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

Meyering said the fire was contained to a small area in the attic and damage to the house’s attic and living room was minimal.

While on the scene he said it looked like it was an electrical fire but the fire marshall would continue to investigate.

Meyering said the residents called the fire station first to let them know about the fire and were advised to call 911.

“We started rolling before the tones actually dropped,‘ he said.

The department rolled up on scene and saw light smoke coming from the eaves. They did a scene size-up, shut the main breaker down and started the fire attack on the second story. Everyone was out of the house on their arrival, he said.

Actions were taken to save residents’ valuables and tarps were put over them.

“That’s one of the first things I did after I realized (the fire) wasn’t rip-roaring,‘ he said.

Cadillac and Haring Township fire departments responded to the fire and were on scene maybe three minutes after the call came over dispatch. Meyering thinks the fast response was key to getting the fire under control, he said.

He said the fire could’ve been a lot worse if it was nighttime and really shows the need for smoke detectors. He reminded people to check the batteries in their smoke detectors yearly and to replace detectors over 10 years old.

He also said people shouldn’t overdo their electrical systems. They should not have too many plug-ins on a certain circuit especially in some of these homes that have older wiring.

The departments were done with the mop-up phase around 4 p.m. Meyering said they checked the house with a thermal imager to make sure everything was cooled down. 

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