CADILLAC — A 33-year-old Cadillac man was sentenced to prison after he accepted a no contest plea in Wexford County’s 28th Circuit Court regarding allegations of criminal sexual conduct offenses.

Jessie Martin was sentenced to two to three years in prison for a no contest plea to fourth-degree CSC, multiple variables, and six to 22.5 years in prison for a no contest plea to third-degree CSC, person 13-15. He also was sentenced as a habitual offender by the court.

The charges stemmed from an incident occurring on May 22 in Clam Lake Township at the Pioneer Apartments.

In addition to his incarceration, Martin was ordered to pay $356 in fines and those assessments are to be paid as a condition of parole. Collection also may begin while he is incarcerated.

Wexford County Prosecutor Corey Wiggins Martin was staying at the apartment complex and after drinking alcohol decided to go into his girlfriend’s apartment where her teenage daughter was staying. It is at that point, that Wiggins said the CSC occurred.

Wiggins said Martin was arrested and was found to have violated his parole from a previous conviction and went back to prison. While he couldn’t remember what that previous conviction was, Wiggins said it wasn’t CSC-related.

With the CSC sentence given, Wiggins said he will not start serving it until after he served his sentence associated with his parole violation. He also said Martin does not get credit for time served from his parole violation on his CSC-related sentence.

As for the victim in this case, Wiggins said they want to move on with their life and put this incident behind them. He also said the victim and the family agreed with the plea offer and the sentencing.

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