CADILLAC — When Cadillac officer Chad Rosinski, 27, joined the department in 2017, he made it his goal to get as many drunken drivers off the streets as he could.

He has certainly made a mark, as Rosinski made 51% of Cadillac Police Department’s drunken driving arrests in 2018, Cadillac Police Capt. Eric Eller said.

And on Friday, Rosinski received recognition for his hard work and efforts at a Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) annual Lifesavers Award Luncheon in Mount Pleasant for his nomination as an outstanding officer of the year.

The luncheon highlights individuals who embrace MADD’s mission to end drunken driving, help fight drugged driving, support the victims of these violent crimes and prevent underage drinking, Wexford County Prosecuting Attorney Jason Elmore said in an email.

He and Chief Assistant Prosecutor Corey Wiggins nominated Rosinski for the honor due to his professionalism and dedication to the mission.

“His recognition draws much-needed attention to the efforts of all of our officers who keep our community safe,‘ he said in an email.

Rosinski said he was trying to average four intoxicated driving arrests per month and ended up with 19 arrests in 2018.

In 2018 the department had 39 drunken driving arrests, Eller said.

What motivated Rosinski wasn’t how many people he could arrest, but how many people he could help, he said.

If he can get these drunken drivers off the street they can potentially get the help they need for alcohol problems and get rid of the addiction that’s haunting them, he said.

Rosinski has put in a lot of effort into impaired driving enforcement, keeping the streets safe and he has had a significant impact on drunken driving in Cadillac, Eller said.

“It is really nice to see an officer be nominated and recognized for his hard work,‘ he said.

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