Cadillac officials start drafting marijuana ordinances

Cadillac City Councilman Stephen King discusses medical and recreational marijuana at the council\'s meeting at The Market on Aug. 5, 2019.

CADILLAC — Cadillac City Council has taken steps to get the ball rolling on marijuana ordinances for the city and discussed the issue at its meeting Monday night.

Specifically, how the city wants to proceed with the state releasing emergency rules on adult recreational marijuana use on July 3.

City Manager Marcus Peccia said with how the law is written, municipalities automatically are opted out of allowing medical marijuana establishments and have to opt in, so there’s no timetable for that.

However, in regard to recreational marijuana, “there is an issue of time.‘

Peccia said by Nov. 1 the city needs to essentially have the community in a position to know what and where they’re allowing marijuana establishments and if there is a cap on the number of facilities.

Otherwise the city counci could find themselves in a position where a facility could be put in anywhere without regulation, he said.

“We have to do something by or before November 1,‘ Peccia said.

The council couldn’t take specific action Monday night, but decided that Peccia and Cadillac attorney Mike Homier will collaborate in drafting ordinances regarding the regulation of medical and recreational marijuana for the city council to review and provide feedback on at its next meeting.

Peccia said they would put together a draft that “will help fill in the blanks at our next meeting.‘

It would be conservative in approach, understanding that the council is likely going to restrict and regulate various aspects of marijuana and give general guidance on location, he said.

These types of processes require public hearings with the city’s planning commission and then the city council needs to reaffirm decisions with its own public hearings.

So at the next city council meeting one or two public hearings will be set for sometime in the fall, Peccia said. 

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