CADILLAC — The Cadillac City Council unanimously voted to host a public hearing regarding part of a Cadillac Junction settlement agreement on July 15.

The hearing is scheduled for the council’s meeting at 6 p.m. in the Cadillac Municipal Complex Council Chambers.

During the public hearing, the council will consider the conditional transfer of property from Clam Lake Township to Cadillac in accordance with an Act 425 agreement.

On May 29, after four hours of meetings and closed sessions, Clam Lake Township, Haring Township and Cadillac all approved a tentative Cadillac Junction settlement.

Cadillac attorney Mike Homier said they are working on finalizing the settlement documents and the lawyers will have a meeting on Wednesday to make sure all of the changes are in the correct documents.

“But I think we’re making good progress in order to wrap it all up,‘ he said.

The basic framework for the settlement is that the existing 425 agreement with Haring Township will be rescinded and replaced with an Act 425 agreement with Clam Lake Township and Cadillac.

Part of the settlement includes a joint planning commission for the properties, which will have five Cadillac representatives and two from Clam Lake Township.

It also essentially delays for 2.5 years the area in which marijuana establishments other than dispensaries could be put into the property, such as growers, processors and secure transport, Homier said.

Through the agreement, the TeriDee and Cadillac investment properties, 750 acres total, will be conditionally transferred to the city by contract for a minimum period of 50 years, but up to 100 years because the agreement provides for up to one term of renewal.

For the first 2.5 years, Clam Lake Township has jurisdiction over marijuana facilities for the whole property, so it has the authority to not allow any marijuana facilities for the first 2.5 years

After the 2.5 years, the original stipulation kicks in and it is up to the joint planning commission and the city council to make the decisions regarding the property and marijuana. The ultimate authority to approve it lies with the Cadillac City Council, Homier said.

Over the last decade, there have been a series of legal challenges, appeals and reversals involving Haring and Clam Lake townships and developers TeriDee LLC and Cadillac regarding which municipality has jurisdiction over the development of Cadillac Junction.

Cadillac Junction is a 142-acre parcel located off M-55 near the U.S. 131 interchange.

The property currently is home to a Mobil gas station and Tim Hortons Cafe and Bake Shop, with plans for several big box stores, a residential complex and more.

The dispute revolved around Cadillac Junction’s location, with the developers and city saying it belongs in Cadillac and townships saying it was transferred from Clam Lake to Haring via an Act 425 agreement.

The most recent decision by the Michigan Supreme Court sent the matter back to the circuit court level, where Wexford County Circuit Court Judge William Fagerman ruled that the property belongs in Haring Township instead of Cadillac.

Currently, all development on the property has been halted until ongoing legal issues are resolved.

Clam Lake Township’s public hearing for the Act 425 agreement has not yet been scheduled.

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