CADILLAC — This week a lot of memories are likely flooding back into the minds of Cadillac High School seniors.

For all intents and purposes, they have completed their high school educations. They had their last day of school and Sunday is graduation. While they are about to experience the pomp and circumstance of graduation and what it means to be a high school graduate, Cadillac seniors in the Class of 2019 stepped into a time machine of sorts and Thursday returned to the elementary schools they went to as young children.

This included every elementary school still left open including Forest View, Franklin, Lincoln and Kenwood. For those students who went to the now-closed McKinley Elementary, they were able to still take a walk down memory lane if they so chose by going to one of the other elementary schools

At Kenwood, the high schoolers who returned included Abigail Reuther, Spencer Richardson, Brittany Byers, Cassidy Baker, Amanda Blackmer and Alexea Hoover. Byers, however, was a McKinley student.

To welcome these alumni back, the current students of Kenwood Elementary lined the halls to give them a proper entrance that was full of high fives and clapping. The trip back in time even included going to see kindergarten teacher Becky Fisk who still is teaching at the school.

Once the brief return to their elementary was complete, the senior class convened at Veterans Memorial Stadium to engage in one last field day like they did when they were in elementary school.

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