CADILLAC - Kaley Worst started the summer doing normal teenage stuff, hanging out with her boyfriend and working as a buser and hostess at a local resort.

But then everything changed.

On a hot, humid day in August, a team of New York City glam stylists and photographers arrived at her grandparents' house just down the road from Thirsty's Party Store. Kaley was styled and photographed for an issue of People magazine that was released online last Thursday afternoon.

Kaley loved some of the hairdos and outfits they came up with, but overall, she was unaffected by the fuss.

"I don't ever wear makeup," she said. "I don't really like it."

After an exhausting photo shoot, Kaley went to work.

Her grandparents, Karen and Barry Bos, were notified earlier in the month that Kaley was chosen for the story after placing second for the most weight loss in her division at the TOPS Club international convention held July 12-13 in Portland, Oregon. TOPS stands for Taking Off Pounds Sensibly.


Teaming up with grandma to lose weight

Kaley hasn't been overly concerned about her weight and has participated in marching band, softball and track. She is a senior at Cadillac High School.

"I don't think I was really worried, like, oh, I'm overweight and want to lose weight," Kaley said. "But when my grandma asked me to join the group I thought I would try it."

Karen had lost weight on another program but gradually gained it back. In December 2017 she joined the local TOPS chapter and invited Kaley to go with her.

"I was kind of against it but it wasn't bad," Kaley said. "I didn't know how much I weighed so when they weighed me, I said OK. Just knowing I was going to get weighed every week made it easier."

Kaley learned how to track what she eats and control portion sizes. Guest speakers provided lessons in nutrition and exercise.

"I think by joining TOPS, Kaley started paying more attention to her eating habits," Karen said. "It wasn't an issue about being overweight, it made her feel better."

"Kaley is a very hard worker," said Delma Staffin, Cadillac TOPS chapter leader. "She comes to all the meetings and participates in everything. When she went to the state (convention) in May, she was named the winner and that qualified her to go with her expenses paid to the international recognition event in Portland."


People Magazine

Kaley was photographed in three different outfits. She first posed in the pole barn where her grandfather Barry restores vintage cars and then out in the backyard.

"I've noticed a lot of difference and a lot of change," Kaley said. "My mom sent me a before picture today and I see a big difference. And my girlfriends have noticed a change in me, that I'm more confident. It's crazy. I'm excited to be in People Magazine."

The online article focuses on four teens and how and why they "took charge of their own health."

Kaley is the daughter of Kristen Bos and David Worst.


Cadillac TOPS Chapter

TOPS meetings are held every Monday at the Zion Lutheran Church in Cadillac. Weigh-ins start at 5:30 p.m. and the meeting starts at 6:20 p.m. The nonprofit group charges $4 a month or $32 a year.

"We don't advocate any type of diet," said Staffin. "We support each other."

(231) 389-2686.

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