CADILLAC — One of Cadillac's medical care providers closed recently as a result of no longer being able to obtain the supplies they need to protect the public and its employees amid the spread of COVID-19 throughout the community.

"We truly understand the need for urgent care right now. However until we are able to get supplies needed to keep our patients and staff stay safe we cannot stay open," wrote Cadillac Urgent Care on their Facebook page.

Cadillac Urgent Care is located at 440 Cobb St. and is a different entity than Munson Healthcare Urgent Care, which is still open at this time.

"We need to protect everyone that enters our building and at this time we are not able to do this," the post continued. "We have orders in for supplies however, we are low on the delivery order due to we are a small entity. Hospitals will receive supplies before us. And it needs to stay that way, we understand. We are hoping that the community will understand the reason behind the decision to close (temporarily). We are hoping to have supplies in a couple of weeks but do not have any guarantee on delivery. We apologize for the inconvenience to all of you. We hope you can understand."

Cadillac Urgent Care indicated they will update their voicemail and Facebook page as soon as they they know when they will be opening back up again.

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