LAKE CITY — Tis’ the season to be jolly. Or not.

Holiday music heralds the joys of Christmas. “It’s a Holly Jolly Christmas.‘

A T-shirt on display in a downtown shop window reads, “I am JOLLY.‘

But some people just don’t feel like celebrating this season.

So two Lake City ministers have teamed up to offer a Blue Christmas candlelight service for those struggling with pain and loss.

“This is a service to help people understand that they are not alone,‘ said the Rev. Jan Jasperse of the First Presbyterian Church of Lake City. “This is a place where people can be real, they don’t have to put on a happy face. They can admit having to walk in the dark.‘

“A lot of people think about the loss of a loved one at this time of year,‘ said Cathy DuBois, wife of the Rev. Gregory DuBois of the Lake City Evangelical Presbyterian Church, co-sponsor of the service. “I learned about Blue Christmas services when we were serving in Maine. I started researching and developing these services and it was rewarding for us and a blessing for others.‘

The pastors know there are those in their congregations struggling with wayward children, aging parents, declining health, the death of loved ones, financial setbacks and divorce.

“People are out-of-sorts for many reasons and a loss is a loss and it should be acknowledged and grieved,‘ DuBois said.

The candlelight service is at 4 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 14 at the First Presbyterian Church of Lake City. There will be scripture readings, songs, meditation and a candle lighting ceremony.

“I think of this service as a place where people can be real,‘ Jasperse said. “The service is about our faith, the place where we get our comfort and consolation.‘

For information call Pastor Greg: (231) 942-1249 or Jan Jasperse at (616) 818-5474.

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