CAPS asking families to fill out end of year survey

With the end of the school nearing, Cadillac Area Public Schools is hoping its families will be willing to finish one last survey regarding the district\'s response to the COVID-19 closure.

CADILLAC — With the end of the school nearing, Cadillac Area Public Schools is hoping its families will be willing to finish one last piece of "homework."

On June 2, teachers across the district started sending the link to the parents and/or guardians of students about various topics regarding the school closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. CAPS Superintendent Jennifer Brown said she will be sending out an email to every home within the district to ensure all parents or guardians fill out the survey. She also said if it was already filled out, parents and guardians can disregard the district email.

The questions on the survey range from interaction with teachers and feedback received from them during the closure. It also asked questions about the work and activities that were issued during the shutdown and how the district can improve its at-home learning experience.

"We are surveying because we are interested in collecting as much information as possible to prepare for fall, but also to look at how the district's response was with its emergency plan since the closure started," she said. "We will use that to help develop a response plan that best meets the needs of our students and parents."

Much like the survey CAPS households were asked to fill out regarding technology and internet connectivity, Brown said the goal is to have 100% participation with this survey. She also said she wants parents and guardians to know that the district fully anticipates people to change their minds as things unfold during the summer and into the fall.

With that in mind, Brown said they want to have the best information they can get for planning purposes knowing they might have to be adjusted at some point to fit the current situation.

"We anticipate families changing their minds and knowing that our preparedness plan will change and evolve as students' needs change," she said. "We are trying to learn as much as we can through this experience so we can do better in response next time and be more prepared if we are faced with a mandated closure again."

The survey will be available for parents and families to fill out until June 15. Brown said she anticipates once the surveys are in and staff can pour over the results they will have some idea of what the results are within a week. The link for the parent survey is

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