CADILLAC — In the 21st Century, schools have to have a plan in place for just about everything.

Those include plans for upgrades to buildings, curriculum, and budgets, but it also means having a plan in case of an emergency. Any emergency. While that has likely always been the case, the types of emergencies schools need to plan for have evolved during the past 20 years.

On Monday, the Cadillac Area Public Schools Board of Education is scheduled to discuss its Emergency Operations Plan.

CAPS Superintendent Jennifer Brown said the board is scheduled to enter into a closed session to discuss the particulars of the plan before returning to open session to approve it. She said the board is entering into closed session to discuss the plan because it is not a public document. It contains building plans, layout, emergency protocols and basically how the district responds to any type of emergency.

"It is not a public document to ensure the safety of our students," she said. "Annually I go over that document with the board so they understand it and agree with it."

Brown also said the document is created alongside local law enforcement, fire departments, and first responders. It includes the district's plans when emergencies such as tornados, building evacuation, power outages, active shooter scenarios, and bomb threats occur. The plan also includes how the district communicates with families in the district during any emergency.

Also during Monday's meeting, the board is scheduled to have its annual audit presentation and review from Baird, Cotter, and Bishop, P.C. Brown said the report the board is scheduled to hear will be a positive one.

"We had no findings in the audit and continue to be responsible with our funding. We are doing well," she said.

The CAPS Board of Education is scheduled to meet at 7 p.m. Monday at Central Office, 421 S. Mitchell St.

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