Capt. Eric Eller certified for Deputy Police Chief job

Capt. Eric Eller interviews with the Cadillac Civil Service Commission for the Cadillac Police department\'s new Deputy Chief of Police job.

CADILLAC — Capt. Eric Eller is about to be promoted.

On Wednesday night, the city's civil service commission certified that he's eligible for the job, following his successful interview before the commission.

The commission asked a blend of technical and soft-skills questions (examples include: what are Garrity Rights and questions about department morale).

Then the commission brought in an outside expert to give his opinion on how well Capt. Eller answered the questions.

"It sounds like you know him pretty well," said Deputy Chief Jason Kern of the Albion Police Department. "So you kind of know what you're getting."

One of the commissioners had acknowledged serving with Eller on the Oasis board.

At the conclusion of the meeting, commissioners certified Eller's qualifications.

His promotion to Deputy Chief will come once Public Safety Director Adam Ottjepka and City Manager Marcus Peccia can confer; Capt. Eller will then be sworn in to his new job in front of city council.

Eller said he was looking forward to getting started "And to continue on the road that we've been on."

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