CADILLAC — Cadillac Police said a 17-year-old Cadillac High School student was arrested Friday after an incident alleging he assaulted the school's liaison officer.

Cadillac Police Capt. Eric Eller said the student was "out of control" and eventually assaulted the officer. As a result of the alleged incident, Eller said the student was arrested on at least one count of police officer assault, resist or obstruct. He also said no weapons were involved in the incident.

Cadillac Area Public Schools Superintendent Jennifer Brown said the incident occurred around 10:30 a.m. during the first lunch at the high school. The student in question was agitated for an unknown reason and left his class. Once in the hallway, the student kicked a locker, Brown said.

The student went to the main office, but once there would not follow directions. The incident escalated, which caused the arrest, according to Brown. The student's parents were contacted immediately and one of the parents was at the school when their child was taken into custody by police, she said.

"Typically, we can handle these types of situations in house, but (the student) was refusing to cooperate," she said. "No one was injured and it was isolated to the office. Obviously, it was near the cafeteria and the students saw it."

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