"Remember not the sins of my youth." (Psalm 25: 7)


Memories can bless or torment. In a random moment there flashes a familiar face across your mental screen. Maybe it’s someone you worked with years ago, or with whom you shared a small group, or with whom you prayed or laughed. Maybe it’s the face of a loved one now with the Lord.

How you respond depends, in part, on your personality. If you immediately give thanks and let the memory go, I envy you. But, if you’re like me there’s a prior step. The memory makes you sad. You know you can’t go back. You’ll never share those great times again. You’ll never be together again in the same way. Now that you’ve acknowledged your sadness you’re ready to give thanks to the Lord. Going forward, you commit to a brief stay in the room of sadness, then move forward to give thanks for the time God gave you together back then.

Painful memories. They bear faces like scary Halloween masks. They remind you of foolish, harmful and sinful things you’ve done; of selfish acts, of people you’ve hurt, of missed opportunities. In these cases we can’t go back. We want to forget. But first we must forgive. Then pray for God to forgive us.

I love the verse, “Remember not the sins of my youth or my transgressions. According to your steadfast love remember me, for the sake of your goodness, O Lord!‘ (Psalm 25:7).


Prayer: Lord, you have washed me white as snow I will remember not with guilt, but gratitude.