City council votes to vacate section of 10th Street

Cadillac Mayor Carla Filkins and councilman Robert Engels at the Cadillac City Council meeting in The Market on Aug. 5, 2019.

CADILLAC — At its last meeting, the Cadillac City Council voted to vacate and abandon a portion of 10th Street within the city.

The portion of the street being vacated is between railroad tracks to the east and 4th Avenue to the west, according to city council documents.

With the vote, Cadillac also reserved a public utility easement under, over and through the vacated portion of the street for “the purpose of constructing, installing, operating, maintaining, replacing and repairing any and all public utilities,‘ according to documents.

Public utilities listed in the documents includes water, sewer, gas, electric, cable, fiber optic, telecommunications and any similar public utilities.

At the council’s June 17 meeting, Cadillac attorney Mike Homier said Cadillac Castings requested the city vacate that portion of 10th Street for financial reasons.

The vacation was tabled at the June meeting so the city could talk to local businesses to see how this would impact them and “everybody seems to be satisfied,‘ Homier said.

There was a public hearing for the vacation at the June meeting but no public comments were made.

All members voted to vacate the street section except for councilman Stephen King, who was recused from the vote due to his wife, Lorri King, being consulted regarding the proposed vacation. 

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