City finalizes Cadillac Junction agreement

A map of the transferred property in the Cadillac/Clam Lake Township Act 425 agreement.

CADILLAC — It really is the end, and so, now it can begin. Again.

Tuesday night, the Cadillac City Council approved a “final consent judgment‘ in the long-running dispute over the Cadillac Junction property. Clam Lake Township is expected to vote on the same document next week.

The approval is a formalization of the agreement the township and the city already struck to transfer several hundred acres into the city for development. It gives permission to the lawyers to file some final paperwork.

“Its terms were already agreed-upon in a prior order, and so its approval should be a routine matter for both the City and Township,‘ said Ronald Reddick, Clam Lake Township’s attorney, in an email before Tuesday night’s city council meeting. “ . . . It resolves all pending issues in the lawsuits,‘ Reddick clarified.

Until this spring, when Clam Lake Township, Haring Township, the city of Cadillac and Cadillac Junction developers TeriDee, LLC announced they’d reached a settlement, the parties had been embroiled in a years-long series of legal actions over the TeriDee property known as Cadillac Junction.

The 142-acre chunk of land owned by developer TeriDee, LLC is now home to a gas station and Tim Hortons Cafe and Bake Shop as well as a spec building. But the settlement includes an even larger chunk of land, including that owned by Cadillac Investment Properties, LLC.

In all, 750 acres transferred into the city under a 425 agreement with Clam Lake Township.

Tuesday night’s approval of the final consent judgment signifies that the elements of the settlement agreement, including the transfer of property, have mostly happened, ending the lawsuits.

There are only a few more things that need to be done, none of them having to do with the transferred area, according the city’s manager, Marcus Peccia.

“We’re not talking about anything outstanding in terms of the transfer area,‘ Peccia told city council before they voted to approve the final consent judgment.

The city will have to approve water and sewer agreements for Clam Lake Township’s Downtown Development Authority district, the provision of which was part of the settlement agreement but does not transfer Clam Lake’s DDA into the city.

The city’s approval of the final consent judgment and Clam Lake Township’s anticipated approval of the same document next week are some of the last steps before development of the Cadillac Junction property near U.S. 131 and M-55 can resume, having been halted during the legal battle.

Heavy crews have been working on the property over the summer, doing site clearing, but no new buildings have gone up.

Peccia said news of what will come next for the property will likely come from the Cadillac Junction owners.

Jim Vanderlaan, one of the TeriDee, LLC owners, said Tuesday in advance of the meeting that he had no announcements to make yet.

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