CADILLAC — At least one Cadillac business has PFAS above the state's advisory level in its wastewater. Director of Utilities Jeff Dietlin declined to say which business.

The city treats the business's wastewater at the city's treatment plant, which was also recently tested for PFAS.

While the state's advisory level for PFAS in drinking water is 70 parts per trillion, the wastewater treatment plant has stricter standards. Treated wastewater has to be at 12 parts per trillion or less when it leaves the facility, Dietlin said.

The city is waiting for test results to see if the wastewater treatment plant is meeting that standard.

Cadillac's water supply was tested for PFAS on Oct.12.

Dietlin said he expected the results to come in soon. Based on when Evart got its results, he'd estimated Cadillac might get its results on Wednesday, though the results were not yet posted online as of Thursday.

The state had identified the business mentioned above and one other for PFAS testing.

The city tested the first business's wastewater and found PFAS. The state then asked the city to test a second business, though those results are not yet in.

The city had planned to test the city's various wells for PFAS, but the state jumped in line first to do the testing.

A wellfield for a new well south of town did get tested, according to Dietlin. Those results came back "non-detect," meaning no PFAS was found at the site.