Clam Lake Township changes monthly meetings

The Clam Lake Township Board will no longer host meetings on the second Tuesday of the month.

CADILLAC — The Clam Lake Township Board is changing the schedule of its monthly meetings and giving the township zoning administrator a raise.

Instead of having meetings on the second Tuesday of the month, the township will have meetings on the second Monday of the month.

This will start at their monthly meeting at 6 p.m. on July 8 at the township hall.

Steve Kitler, township supervisor, said Tuesday isn’t a magical day and they found they were running into more scheduling conflicts with Tuesdays than they would with Mondays. So they decided to change the day of the meeting.

The township also decided on wages for the next fiscal year for the deputy clerk, janitor, board of review, election workers, planning commission and zoning administrator.

All wages were kept the same except for township zoning administrator Cindy Warda, who received a $2,000 raise.

Warda’s current salary is $11,500 and will increase to $13,500 starting on July 1, township clerk Amy Peterson said.

The raise is in recognition of Warda’s job, which has become more time intensive than they thought it would, Kitler said.

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