Clam Lake Twp adopts zoning ordinance

The Clam Lake Planning Commission reviewed a map during the township\'s development of a master plan in this file photo from 2017.

CADILLAC — First, they needed a master plan.

Clam Lake Township approved its master plan in 2018.

That laid the groundwork for the township to develop its own zoning ordinance—the township had been using the Wexford County interim zoning ordinance after the county repealed its zoning ordinance in 2016.

Last Monday night, the township board finally approved its own ordinance.

The ordinance governs land use in Clam Lake Township—how property owners can use their land in certain areas of the township. It lays out guidelines for where businesses can operate, how many parking spots businesses need, what kind of fencing should be used and where and other rules that shape the township.

Township Trustee Linda Stahl asked whether the ordinance could be tweaked at a later date. Zoning Administrator Cindy Warda assured her it could.

The ordinance does include a grandfathering clause; "the lawful use of any building or structure and of any land or premises as existing and lawful on the date of adoption of this ordinance may be continued," even if the use is non-conforming under the ordinance, the new ordinance states on the first page.

The ordinance will take effect seven days after the official notice runs in the newspaper.

The township's planning commission held a public hearing on the proposed ordinance in July; the township board approved the ordinance last week.

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