Council: City manager meets or exceeds expectations

City Manager Marcus Peccia speaks during one of the last pre-pandemic city council meetings on February 17, 2020.

CADILLAC — Cadillac's city manager got his annual reportcard on June 15.

A copy of the summar of Marcus Peccia's annual evaluation shows the city manager is meeting or exceeding expectations in all categories, according to city council's evaluation. After going into a closed session on June 15 to issue the evaluation, council gave Peccia a contractual raise but did not specify for how much.

Peccia thanked city council and his staff.

"This is really a special place to be. It's a wonderful community to raise your family," Peccia said.

Peccia was evaluated in six categories, which are budgeting and fiscal management; supervision and leadership; community relations; city council relations; intergovernmental relations and professional development.

Peccia's best "grade" was in professional development, where city council members gave him, on average, a score of 3.0 out of 4.0. The 3.0 represents exceeding expectations. That matches Peccia's own grade for himself.

In the comments section, city council said Peccia is "a quiet leader that continues to make big things happen. It never needs to be about him and gladly gives credit to others when it is due."

Another said they'd like to see Peccia "embrace a more active leadership role within community groups and boards."

The Cadillac News obtained a copy of the summar of the city manager's evaluation via a FOIA request. City council members were not identified by name in the summary.

Peccia's next best grades were in community relations and intergovernmental relations, where council rated Peccia a 2.80.

Several council comments remarked on the importance of Peccia's involvement with the Michigan Municipal League and noted that Peccia "continues to be biggest advocate of the City of Cadillac at the state level" and mentors and works with others around the state.

"He has brought Cadillac much recognition, thereby enticing development that will ensure Cadillac will thrive in the future," one comment stated.

Council rated Peccia a 2.60 in budgeting and fiscal management; supervision and leadership and city council relations.

In the comments, city council members said  Peccia is "very responsive to Council when approached with questions and keeps Council informed."

Council also said that Peccia works well with the finance director.

In a section of the evaluation dedicated to areas the city manager could improve, council comments indicate that at least one council member wants Peccia to work on being more concise when speaking.

At the same time, one council comment asked for "greater communication and a deeper analysis regarding our strategy of using City funds, obtaining grants or borrowing money for projects."

Other comments asked Peccia to give Council more advance warning before asking them for decisions and more management of department heads.

Additionally, one comment criticized starting projects before they are fully funded and wanted less reliance on "crowd funding" and more metrics in place.

During the evaluation period, Peccia was responsible for "managing, facilitating, or supporting new initiatives for housing, retail, industrial and new visionary ideas," managing the COVID-19 crisis at the city level and other achievements.

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