COVID-19 cases creep up in Osceola, Missaukee counties

CADILLAC — Osceola and Missaukee counties have both reached 20 confirmed COVID-19 cases as of Monday.

A new case on Monday brought Missaukee County to 20 cases. The county of about 15,000 people had its first case on March 26, according to District Health Department No. 10's data dashboard. Though many of the people who tested positive for SARS-COV-2—the virus that causes COVID-19—have since recovered, several people meet the state's defininition of "unrecovered."

Michigan defines people as having recovered from the coronavirus when they are still alive 30 days after symptoms first appearing or their first positive test result if they are asymptomatic. Under that definition, no one who got sick in June could be considered "recovered" even if they have been symptom-free with a negative test result for two weeks.

Missaukee County stands at 20 cases since March 26, 15 of which have recovered, one death, and four cases since June 10. Additionally, nine other people in Missaukee County are considered "probable" cases and six are being monitored by the health department through contact tracing.

In Osceola County, there were 24 cases according to the state of Michigan's Monday afternoon update. Central Michigan Distric Health Department lists eight recoveries in Osceola County and zero deaths; the state of Michigan lists an additional five probable cases.

Though Wexford County had a new case over the weekend, there were no new cases on Monday and Wexford County remains at 19 cases. In June, Wexford County had eight cases. There have been three deaths from COVID-19 among Wexford County residents and eight recoveries. Additionally, DHD No. 10 lists six probable cases.

Lake County remained at six cases with five recoveries, no deaths and one probable case. Lake County hasn't had any cases in June, with the most recent case announced on May 31.

However, the North Lake Correctional Facility near Baldwin has had 106 cases with two deaths. Bureau of Prisons data on Monday showed no active cases among inmates at the privately operated facility. However, the Bureau of Prisons uses the CDC's standard to define recoveries, which means cases can be considered "recovered" sooner than cases tracked by the state of Michigan.

Statewide, there were 236 new cases on Monday, bringing the total number of Michiganders infected since the pandemic began to 63,497. To date, 5,915 died and 51,099 have recovered.

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