CADILLAC — Working mostly inside the Cadillac Lofts building to avoid bouts of cold spitting rain, construction crews on Wednesday kept themselves busy while waiting for the weather to break.

The elements have delayed the completion of some of the structure's features — including pavement and roof installation — but architect Dean DeKryger, with The DK Design Group, said overall they're still on schedule and on budget.

"We're about 30-40% complete," DeKryger said. "We're moving along well."

So far, crews have erected the structural steel shell of the four-story building and have been enclosing the sides in preparation for winter, when they will be doing the majority of work inside the building.

As soon as weather permits, DeKryger said they will be pouring pavement in the bottom floor of the building, which will be used by businesses. Depending on the size and needs of the tenants that move into the bottom floor, DeKryger said it could house up to four different businesses. He said some parties have come forward with interest in doing business on the bottom floor but at this point, it's too early to say who.

The view from the second, third and fourth floors of the Lofts will be reserved for residential tenants. From the fourth floor, it's possible to see Lake Cadillac, the city park, and for several blocks down Mitchell Street in both directions.

Some have questioned why the building was designed to sit at an angle relative to the orientation of the street. The answer to this is twofold: DeKryger said it gave them plenty of space on the corner of the block for a patio area; it also allows tenants in all parts of the building better sightlines all around them.

Walking through the building today, it's hard to imagine what it eventually will look like, with tools and raw materials covering the floors. In some of the lower floors, crews have already hauled up the shells of shower units; due to their size, they have to be installed concurrently to the rest of the room features.

Framing for rooms on the lower floors has largely been finished, while much of that work still has to be finished on the upper floors. DeKryger said temporary lights have been installed on all floors of the building to help crew member see early in the morning, as well as at night, when regular patrols are conducted of the building to look for trespassers.

DeKryger said their goal is to install the roof by the first week of November and shortly afterward, begin putting in windows.

Assuming they remain on schedule, DeKryger said the apartments should be open to occupants by June of next year. Completion of parking lot paving on the east side of the block should also be finished by that time, DeKryger said.

Contingent on a couple different factors, DeKryger said it's possible they will begin demolition of the G and D Pizza and Party Store building and general site work in preparation for the construction of the second L-shaped building by spring of next year.

G and D Pizza is still doing business on the block but have started construction of their new facility at the old Weidner Ford Mercury Lincoln of Cadillac dealership at 319 North Mitchell St.

With 20 different subcontractors and suppliers working together on the Cadillac Lofts project, DeKryger said the cooperation between the various crews has been incredible.

"I'd like to thank them all for their hard work so far," DeKryger said. "We have a great team here."

A number of prospective tenants already have submitted applications to live in the Cadillac Lofts but DeKryger said they're still looking for additional residents.

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