Crews respond to chimney fire in LeRoy

Local Fire Departments responded to a home fire in LeRoy when a family returned from a day of errands to a large amount of smoke coming from their chimney on Wednesday, Feb. 12.

LEROY — LeRoy, Tustin and Lincoln Township fire departments responded to a structure fire in LeRoy early Wednesday evening.

The departments were called after a family had returned to their home on Highridge Road from a day of errands to find their chimney producing a lot of smoke, LeRoy-Rose Lake Fire Department Captain Dale Hall said.

“The family had left their woodburning fireplace going to heat their home when they left for about six hours,‘ he said. “They thought the fire would die out once the small amount of wood they were using to heat the home burned out. But they came home to find much more smoke coming from the chimney then when they had left.‘

Upon seeing the smoke, according to Hall, the father had run back into the home to retrieve the family’s pet cat. No one was hurt and the cat was able to be rescued before more smoke made its way into the home.

The only damage to the home was in the wall around the fireplace, though the incident is still under investigation as to how the fire made it into the wall in the first place, Hall said.

“It is always possible, this time of year especially, that the fireplace needed to be cleaned,‘ he said. “But we won’t know anything for sure until more is investigated.‘

Osceola Emergency Medical Services also responded to the call.

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