Ebels choose general manager for new Reed City location

The Ebels are planning to open a new location in Reed City in a building that once housed Vic\'s supermarket.

REED CITY — Plans to open a new Ebels store in Osceola County progressed another step recently with the choosing of a general manager to run the business.

The Ebels are planning to open a new location in Reed City in a building that once housed Vic’s supermarket.

“A lot of people in surrounding communities asked us if we could open a store where they lived,‘ owner Mark Ebels said.

While they’re still sorting out the details at this point, they’ve already selected a store manager for the location — Jack Patty — who is a personal friend of the Ebels with a 20-year background in the grocery industry.

In addition to Patty, Mark said three of his children — Laura, Bob and Thomas — will also play vital roles at the new location. Mark’s wife, Dawn, said expanding into Reed City will allow them to “spread their wings‘ and reach an untapped market.

Ebels said they expect to have the Reed City location open by the end of this year. Once opened, Ebels anticipates they will employ 20 to 30 people there.

The current Ebels store in Falmouth includes a meat processing center, hardware store, jerky shop, and coffee bar.

The Reed City location, however, will be a little different than the original store, Ebels said, with more of a grocery store focus compete with a deli, bakery and full-service grocery store.

“Reed City is a food desert, as it goes,‘ he said. “The community needs something like this and my family is excited to get into the community.‘

Although they hope to be open sometime in 2020, Ebels said they still have a lot of work to do before that happens.

“We have to do extensive renovations to the inside of the building,‘ he said. “It really depends on what we find once we start looking closer.‘

However, when Ebels does finally open its new location in Reed City, Ebels said the store will be “state of the art‘ complete with high-efficiency refrigeration and lighting and many other upgrades.

“It is going to be a completely new store,‘ he said. “As a family, we strive to do things right.‘

Mark said he believes they’ve been successful in business because of their focus on the customer experience, the employee experience and product quality: none of the three are more important than the other two, and they all must be done right in order to succeed.

“Lord, make us a blessing in the place where you have put us,‘ Mark said. “That’s what my dad used to say and that’s what we’ve tried to do. That’s what we’re going to try to do in Reed City.‘

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