Evart man likely to receive lengthy prison sentence after plea in meth case


REED CITY — A 34-year-old Evart man could face up to 30 years in prison after he took a plea in 49th Circuit Court regarding a home invasion he committed this past summer.

Juan Manuel-Leslie Aguilar pleaded guilty to one count each of first-degree home invasion and assault with a dangerous weapon, car keys, for his connection with an incident on July 17 at a home on 7 Mile Road in Middle Branch Township. As part of the plea, charges of arson — preparation to burn a dwelling, police assault, resist or obstruct and unlawful driving away of a motor vehicle will be dismissed at sentencing.

Also at sentencing, a habitual offender fourth offense notice will be dropped to a habitual offender second offense, which carries a penalty of 1.5 times the maximum sentence. Sentencing was scheduled for Dec. 6.

Osceola County Prosecutor Tony Badovinac said the case against Aguilar is the perfect example to show what methamphetamine can do to a person. He said when Aguilar came to the home on 7 Mile Road he was “completely out of it‘ and high on meth.

According to the police report, Aguilar was unable to speak anything but loud grunts and was glaring at anyone who would speak to him.

Badovinac said Aguilar entered the home and eventually the person inside exited the home through the bedroom window. The victim made it to their car but Aguilar followed and continued to accost the person.

A trooper arrived on scene and located Aguilar trying to pull the victim from her car and stab her with her keys.

It was learned from the victim she had been attacked by Aguilar when she pulled into her driveway and exited her car. She told police Aguilar approached her grunting loudly and beating his chest with his fist, according to the press release.

Once on the scene, police instructed Aguilar to get on the ground, which he did. He continued to follow police instructions and was taken into custody without incident, according to Badovinac.

When asked about the arson charge, Badovinac said Aguilar had allegedly dumped gasoline outside the 7 Mile Road home, but couldn’t get a lighter to work. When Aguilar sobered up, Badovinac said he had no memory of the July 17 incident.

“He (Aguilar) is the poster child for meth and the trouble it can get you in,‘ Badovinac said.

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