EVART — After a vehicle was stolen over the weekend, Evart is looking at adding security to the Evart airport.

At the Monday, Oct. 5 Evart council meeting, City Manager Sarah Dvoracek said she was looking into a security system for the airport after someone broke into the facility and stole a 2008 John Deere Gator.

"This is something we have been looking at getting for a while, but then you look at what it could cost and you push it off," Dvoracek said. "(...) Unfortuantely, it takes something like this to shake you up and decide something needs to change."

The Gator has been recovered but the situation is still under investigation.

To pay for the system, which could include a number of things like cameras and motion detectors, Dvoracek said she is hoping to use a recent $1,000 grant from MDOT Aviation.

"I have to make sure that we can use the funds for the project but I am pretty sure we can," she said. "However, a security system is going to cost more than the grant itself and that would have to come out of our general fund."

After losing federal funding for the airport a few years back, Dvorcek all the funding for the airport has to come out of the general fund. The most recent budget, however, only accounted for maintanance.

"This wasn't something we planned for, so after we recieve some quotes the council will have to pass a bedget amendment for the new equipement," she said.

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