Falmouth daycare expanding

An old church will soon open as a daycare in Falmouth.

FALMOUTH — If all goes according to plan, families will soon be able to find more day care in Falmouth.

Busy Bees Daycare, which is based out of a home, is planning to move into the old Nazarene church building at Cedar and Church streets in Falmouth.

“I’m hoping I will be open by the beginning of March,‘ said Amber Gage, the owner of the daycare.

The new building could accommodate as many as 38 children compared to the 12 that are in Gage's home now, she said.

But first, the new daycare site will need to pass inspections. Gage said she plans to call to schedule those inspections this week.

If the daycare passes inspection, Gage will need to hire more employees to accommodate all those kids: right now, Gage, her sister and another employee are on the roster. The daycare will need five more employees if the building fills to capacity.

Bob Ebel, whose family owns the building, said contractors started working to bring the building up to code back in July.

“We worked with contractors and we completely rehabbed the building,‘ Ebel said. There are new floors, child-sized bathrooms, new electrical and heating and fencing for the play area.

Ebel said he's well aware of the need for daycare in the area because he sits on several committees where it's talked about.

“We’re just making it happen. We recognize the need and we think highly of Amber,‘ he said.

Employees of the Ebel family businesses will get preference at the daycare.

“That is one benefit that our employees have,‘ Ebel said. “It’s really kind of a partnership. There’s a need there and she’s a good operator.‘

Gage is still fine-tuning the rates for the new building, she said. In addition to the kids she already cares for, there are 10 that are ready to come to the new daycare as soon as she's able to welcome them.

“I’ve got quite a few kids looking for places to go,‘ Gage said.

Two infant rooms can accommodate seven children each, and two other rooms can accommodate another 24 children in older age groups.

The current kids are super excited about the new place, Gage said.

“That makes it all that much better,‘ she said.

Community members are also curious about changes to the building. Gage plans to hold an opening party to let the community see the updates, she said.

Families that want to be placed on the waiting list can reach Gage at 231-667-0643.

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