CADILLAC — In a Family Video, candy makes sense. Popcorn makes sense. But cannabidiol or CBD?

“It’s such a weird concept,‘ said Jason Yuhasz, Highland Ventures Ltd. regional director of operations. “We get a lot of questions.‘

Highland Ventures Ltd. is the parent company of Family Video, which announced it was rolling out CBD products this past October. It launched test stores selling the products in January and is currently rolling out more.

All 100 stores in Michigan would be carrying it by the end of May, Yuhasz said.

Cannabidiol is one of the naturally occurring components found in cannabis plants, according to the World Health Organization’s 2018 report on the chemical.

It is different than THC, which is the plant’s main psychoactive component.

CBD has been tested to see if there is a risk of abuse and it exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential, according to the report.

To date, there is no evidence of recreational use of CBD or any public health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.

The Family Videos sell Natural Native CBD products. All of the products are THC free and there’s no chance of getting high, Yuhasz said.

People tend to use it for pain relief, anxiety and trouble sleeping.

That’s how Family Video started selling it, as company owner Keith Hoogland wanted to try selling something new and he already used CBD for his tendonitis from playing tennis, Yuhasz said.

Yuhasz didn’t know anything about CBD at first and felt like it was a “snake oil‘ kind of thing.

Now he uses it, and so does Ann Marie Niemi, the district manager for all Family Videos in Northern Michigan.

Niemi said Family Video has been selling CBD products since April.

It’s been well-received and people are happy to get a quality product, she said.

The following are some of the CBD products offered in Family Videos. Prices range by amount of CBD:

• Chapstick: $3

• 250 Milligrams CBD Balm: $50

• 300 Milligrams CBD Balm: $80

• CBD Little Bears: $10-$60

• CBD Big Bears: $35-$150

• 20 Ounces Native CBD Water: $4.50-$108

• Natural Natives CBD Pet Support: $29-$67.50

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