MCBAIN — Working in the funeral service business isn’t just a job, but a lifestyle, Mark Holdship said.

It’s about going out and building relationships in the community. It’s about making sure you’re not a stranger so when someone’s relative passes they have someone they’re comfortable with coming to visit to make plans, he said.

And now he’s expanding that lifestyle to include serving the people of McBain in their city.

Holdship Family of Funeral Homes and Cremation Services is expanding to a McBain location at 212 W. Maple St.

Holdship said they are licensed and ready to go, just not completely ready to open yet. They have details taken care of, they just need to have the final touches done.

The business is working on getting drapes and painting done and having a digital sign delivered. By the latest, they would like to be open by early September, he said.

In terms of staffing, the company wants to make sure they have enough people to keep the place clean and orderly. Across the Holdship locations, they currently have five licensed funeral directors, not including Holdship, and 14 part-time staff members.

Two people from McBain work for the business currently. Once they get started they will probably hire more part-time people, Holdship said.

He said they’re always looking for good professional people, but the job would depend on what they are looking to do. Every funeral home looks for good people with good hearts, but people don’t realize how much work it is before they get involved.

The business is open 24 hours a day. If someone passes away at 2 or 3 a.m. someone is working at that time of night, even during holidays, he said.

“We’re available all the time,‘ he said.

This is the seventh Holdship location and joins the locations in Lake City, Manton, Marion, Cadillac, Houghton Lake and Prudenville.

The McBain location has changed hands a couple times before becoming Holdship’s and “it’s always been a funeral home,‘ he said.

He has serviced families from McBain and when he had the opportunity to come and improve the building and clean it up, he took it.

At the last McBain City Council meeting, Mark Holdship and his wife Angie Holdship talked about how they wanted to help the community.

Their job, in a nutshell, is to make the transition easier. They try really hard to give families options so they can decide what to do. During that time some families handle it better than others, he said.

“There’s nothing more personal than when there’s a death in a family,‘ he said.

Holdship loves being able to be there for people when needed during their hard times, but he also loves the service part for the community and just being involved.

With the digital sign going up outside the funeral home, Holdship said the McBain schools can reach out to them so they can post events or sports games on it.

“We want to be a part of this community,‘ he said.

To contact the Holdship McBain chapel people can call (231) 825-2361.

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