CADILLAC — Although originally projected to open mid-November, 4Front Credit Union could open in Haring Township as early as late October.

Jason Garrod, job superintendent for Pinnacle Construction Group, the general contractor for the project, said the building is projected to be done toward the end of October.

As of Aug. 20, the building’s paint, windows and asphalt remained to be done but Garrod said they should be done setting concrete for the project by the end of that week.

Then the project will need the finishing touches like furnace, toilets, flooring and ceilings installed, he said.

The building’s brick facade was scheduled to be done in late August or early September.

Haring Township Supervisor Bob Scarbrough said when the credit union building is done it’s going to be one of the fancier buildings in the township with its really high walls and glass.

Garrod said they are seeing more glass in this project then others and “this one is definitely unique.‘

The goal when sitting down with the architects for the project was not necessarily to have the building be fancy, but innovative and Michigan-based, said Jason Acosta, the credit union’s vice president of operations and member services.

The wood and bricks used in the building are from Michigan and they are using a lot of nice resources from the state, he said.

4Front Credit Union is a member-owned financial cooperative based in Traverse City that serves more than 81,000 members across the state of Michigan, according to its website.

Some of their services include wealth management, retirement and consumer checking and savings.

The volunteer board of directors has been discussing expansion since September 2018 and specifically considered a Cadillac location, Acosta said.

It mirrors areas where they have successful existing locations and this way they can grow their membership but also serve the people who live, work and worship in the area, he said.

The building is located on Boon Road and will be around 2,200 square feet. The credit union will be hiring three to four people, Acosta said.

He said the company is looking forward to being an impactful member of the community.

Many households in Wexford County are familiar with the credit union and they have been coming to the credit union for their car loans and lending needs already, he said.

There are no obstacles to construction seen at this time and the building’s permanent roof is already in place. Power and windows will be added late August and then they will be able to get started on the interior of the building, he said.

Acosta said the gentlemen in Pinnacle Construction Group are doing a fantastic job and “we couldn’t be more happy with the stages we’re at right now.‘ 

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