HARRIETTA — Alice the Alpine doe goat is still on the lam.

Owner Melanie Hornback, her friends and family have reached the third week of trying to find the goat after she escaped from their barn.

On June 14, Hornback was putting a bucket of water in the goats’ stall when a cow mooed.

They had just purchased Alice and her two babies from Maple City and the goats had never lived with cows before. The goats became spooked and Alice charged the gate and escaped, she said.

Alice was last spotted around Boon on 25 Road and 40 Road on Monday and has probably gone about 100 miles altogether with all the circles she keeps making, Hornback said.

No one can figure out her behavior, as a normal goat would stop and wander into a barn.

“She wants to be a mountain goat I guess, I don’t know,‘ Hornback laughed.

Hornback said one day the goat will be seen in Harrietta and the next she’ll be 15 miles away. She went six whole days without anyone seeing her and then resurfaced.

If someone sees Alice they should send her location to Hornback at (231) 884-8556 and shouldn’t approach her unless she wanders into a fenced in area and they can close the gate and trap her.

Hornback is offering a $50 reward for anyone who traps the goat in a fenced area, but in an open area no one’s going to stand a chance catching her unless they’ve got a lot of people and lassoes, she said.

The goat has a red collar on, has a white face and has a black saddle marking on her back. She is 4 years old and weighs around 130 or 140 pounds.

Alice likes star mint candies but with how spooked she is right now she might not respond to someone having them. She’s a friendly goat who wouldn’t hurt anyone, she’s just really scared right now and in flight mode, Hornback said.

Hornback bought the goat for her daughter to show at 4-H and she’s pretty upset about losing her. Alice’s babies also want their mom back.

“I won't give up as long as there are sightings of her,‘ Hornback said.

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