Horizon Books in Cadillac will remain open

Horizon Books in downtown Cadillac will remain open, though the Traverse City location is closing later in 2020.

CADILLAC — Horizon Books in Cadillac isn’t closing. The doors are staying open and the books are staying shelved.

News broke over the weekend that Horizon Books in downtown Traverse City will close sometime this year. But the Cadillac store, which is owned by the same family, is remaining open.

“It’s a little easier store for us to manage," Horizon Books co-owner Amy Reynolds told the Cadillac News during a phone call Monday afternoon. “(Store Manager) Tereesa Smith does a great job at the helm."

Smith said people had been sending her messages constantly since news broke Sunday of the Traverse City store’s impending closure, with many folks worried that the Cadillac store might close as well.

“We’re a diamond-in-the-rough," Smith said in acknowledgment of the bookstore’s importance to people in Cadillac and Northern Michigan. “It would be tragic to lose our bookstore."

Joy VanDrie, executive director of the Cadillac Area Visitor’s Bureau and the Downtown Cadillac Association said an economic development group planned to discuss the bookstore’s future later this week.

“We’re trying to put some resources together to ensure the bookstore stays open," VanDrie told the Cadillac News.

Smith said she planned to attend.

“Horizon Books in Cadillac has been a great asset to the Cadillac community for over 25 years and we hope to continue going strong," Smith said.

While the store’s owners have repeatedly said the Cadillac location will remain open, they have also cited their impending retirements as a reason for the Traverse City store’s planned closure.

Horizon Books in Traverse City did not have strong sales in 2019, and though the business has weathered weaker sales in the past, “It just seems to be time," Reynolds told the Cadillac News.

The Cadillac bookstore is important to the community but also to the Horizon Books business, Reynolds said. As the Traverse City store closes, unsold books from that location can be moved south to Cadillac, helping the business wind down its operations in Traverse City. The Cadillac store will be Horizon Books’ sole remaining store after the Traverse City location closes this year. Stores in Petoskey and Beulah have previously closed.

“We’re going to keep (the Cadillac bookstore) for a while and see how it goes," Reynolds said. “Cadillac has a really strong future. It would be exciting to stay there."

Smith urged book shoppers to support local businesses. Even if the book you want isn’t in stock, the bookstore can order it.

“We can always order a book," Smith said. “We can get almost anything."

Horizon Books first opened a store on Cadillac’s north end in 1992 but moved to its downtown location in 2002. Reynolds, who co-owns the business with her husband, Vic Herman (he opened the first Horizon Books in 1968 with his first wife, Nancy, who died in 1979), said the store first came to Cadillac because it’s a sizable town and the business was looking to grow.

“It was a really welcoming community," Reynolds said of Cadillac.

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