BOON — Monday mornings are usually rough, but one Boon farmer had an especially tough one this week.

Jonathan Fenner, the owner of Fenner Farms, had to cancel all his plans Monday morning after his tractor and mixer were involved in a mishap the night before.

Around 6:15 p.m. on Sunday, a farm worker was driving the truck and mixer, full of 10,000 pounds of cow feed, when he lost control and the truck went off the road, almost winding up in a pond.

Fortunately the pond was frozen, or the tractor would have sunk down even more and the back tires would have ended up in the pond, Fenner said.

He said the hitch on the tractor and the power takeoff shaft broke and the back right wheel of the mixer had popped off, but the tractor still starts.

Fenner laid out dirt on the icy road to give other vehicles more traction when trying to get the tractor and mixer away from the pond, which they were able to do around noon on Monday.

No one was hurt during the accident, and the cows were given hay to eat until the mixer could be moved.

“Could’ve been a whole lot worse,‘ Fenner said. “Could’ve been sitting in six feet of water and muck.‘ 

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