FALMOUTH — Here are pictures of the vintage truck that Dawn and Mark Ebels received during a 'gotcha' moment on the History Channel's show 'Counting Cars.' The show aired Tuesday night.

The Ebels were set up for the surprise by their five children, who contacted the show in 2016 about purchasing 'an old truck" for their parents. After agreeing to a 1953 Chevrolet pickup restoration, they were told their story would make a good episode for the TV show.

Last March the truck was done and the show was ready to film. To get their parents to the location, sons Tom and Bob, who work in the family business, Ebels General Store, known for their retail meat selection and sister company Little Town Jerky, said they had to attend a meat convention in Las Vegas to meet a new, important client.

To add urgency to the meeting, a sales rep from one of their suppliers, Jim Hoekstra, went with them to help secure the new account. Once there, Hoekstra produced VIP tickets to tour this really cool custom car restoration place that the guys from the "Pawn Stars" show always use.

The tour led them through Count's Kustom auto shop, the setting of the television show that showcases Danny "The Count" Koker's ability to restore and customize classic rides

Throughout the show, flashback clips showed how the team secured the ravaged 1953 Chevrolet pickup and then rebuilt it.

"This thing needs everything," Danny said, often referring to the "Ebel brothers" as dream clients, owners of an "old school general store" who want to honor their parents for all their hard work and the success of the family business.

The big reveal was saved until the last 10 minutes. The shop tour led them right up to the Ebels truck. As they marveled at the truck's beauty, Dawn Ebels wondered why the name of their family business was on the side of the vehicle.

The camera caught Mark at the exact moment when he realized the truck was for them. 

"Sweet Baby!" Mark exclaimed.

Spearheaded by Bob and Tom Ebels, siblings Laura Bennett, Linda Phillips, and Frank Ebels all helped to create this surprise.