Injuries occur after pickup crashes into LeRoy restaurant

LeRoy-Rose Lake Fire Department was dispatched at roughly 3:40 p.m. Friday to Mr. Pibs Restaurant, 3780 Mackinaw Trail, for the report of a vehicle crashing into its exterior.

LEROY — Shortly before 3 p.m. Friday, a LeRoy restaurant was forced to close after a pickup truck crash into its exterior. 

LeRoy-Rose Lake Fire Department Capt. Dale Hall said at roughly 3:40 p.m. Friday his department was dispatched to Mr. Pibs Restaurant, 3780 Mackinaw Trail, for the report of a vehicle crashing into its exterior. He also said it was reported that there was a gas leak. 

Once on scene, crews found the pickup truck that had hit the building and its driver still in the cab of the vehicle. 

"So it looks like it was coming into a parking spot and the driver missed the brake or hit the gas instead, we are not entirely sure, and drove into the building," Hall said.

Where the pickup hit the building Hall said is one of the main parts of the restaurant's kitchen. As a result, the crash hit a grill and other prep areas behind the wall, which also contained a gas line and electrical lines, Hall said. 

Two employees were in the kitchen when the crash occurred and one of them was injured but Hall said while he didn't know the extent of those injuries they were not serious. He also said the driver of the pickup complained of knee pain but declined treatment.

Employees at the restaurant were able to shut off the main gas line coming into the building so there were no issues with gas leaks, according to Hall. 

"There was no fire but some of the appliances were shorting out but we were able to hit the breaker shut off and get things unplugged," he said. "We also were able to section off areas so things like the refrigerators were able to stay on and they didn't have to worry about losing extra product." 

Since there was extensive damage to the building, Hall said he anticipated the business having to be closed at least for the short-term but he was not sure how long that would be. 

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